Fine German Violin by Joseph KLOTZ,Mittenwald 1789【SOLD】

Joseph Klotz in Mitten-wald an der Iser. An.1789

Georg Tiefenburunner in Munchen,Petersplatz No8/1

Excellent Condition
with Certificate(RL)

Joseph Thomas (I) Klotz
By:John Dilworth
KLOTZ, Joseph Thomas (I) Born 1743, d. after 1811 Mittenwald Germany Son of Sebastian Klotz, below. Very inconsistent work, presumably made for sale in different grades. Typical Klotz style with low and medium arching and yellow varnish.

本体Violin Joseph Klotz(Ⅰ)Mittenwald 1789定価3,800,000円(税込)